Wayne, Cooke and Hannah Mulholland of Runaway June wrote the song “Buy My Own Drinks” with Josh Kear and Hillary Lindsey.

 A year later, "Buy My Own Drinks" is the group's first top 20 on the Country Airplay and Hot Country Songs lists No. 13 and No. 20, respectively, at the time of publication.

“Buy my own drinks” from Runaway June is one year old (August 20).
This song is a war cry for independent women to celebrate their own self-reliance. “That’s the point of the song. Just self love. That all you need is yourself,” said Jennifer Wayne.
Naomi Cook added. “You have everything there. And that is a more powerful message than limiting it to the gender empowerment that people try to stamp on us.


“Everything. What is she not good at? We’re just like, ’Teach us your tricks.’ She shows up to everything. At that stage in your career, she doesn’t need to be at everything. But she is an overachiever in every way and in the best way. She never half asses anything. Even at sound check, it’s like it’s a real show. It’s so impressive. And watching her on the road with Mike and their boys, it shows us that it’s possible. We wonder, ’Can we have real relationships? Can we have kids?’ She has shown us it’s doable. That’s been so great for all of us to see. Nothing has ever been handed to Carrie Underwood.”



“Josh, the only guy in the room, said, ‘What about the title “Buy My Own Drinks”?'” Mulholland remembers, smiling. “Hillary started playing this groove on guitar, and we knew exactly where to take it.” Runaway June felt it had the makings of what Mulholland calls a “career song,” which was confirmed by the act’s successful debut at Stagecoach music festival just days later. “The reaction from the crowd was unlike anything we’ve gotten from any of our songs before,” Mulholland says.
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