In the week of June 1, 2019 “Tyler, the Creator” seizes 8 squares in the list of the Hot 100 billboard, achieving its maximum position with Earfquake # 13 of “Igor” his most recent album. AmericasWeek dedicates this blog to know the best of who is “Tyler, the Creator” for some who may not have put much attention to this rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, music video director, and fashion designer. Magazines and newspapers with all we want to know about “Tyler, the Creator”.


Tyler released IGOR, which sounds like nothing else in his discography and which is easily his most essential album since Bastard. Fans and critics may have wondered if Tyler was trolling about his sexuality on Flower Boy, but it would be hard to wonder that on IGOR. It’s an earnest, tender album with lovesick songs like “A BOY IS A GUN” that see Tyler singing about romantic same-sex relationships with pure affection. It sounds so genuine that it would be hard to not take him seriously. There is still pain on the album like there was on Tyler’s early material, but he sounds — both musically and lyrically — like he reached the place he was trying to get to for a while.


Tyler, the Creator attended the French Open in a pink and white shirt with “GOLF” in the shape of the Lacoste crocodile on the left breast. On another day he wore a similarly-colored pink cardigan.

Colette’s Sarah Andelman shared a photo of Tyler and French singer Patrick Bruel to her Instagram account, tagging Lacoste, as Tyler himself then took to social media to tease the collab.


Tyler, the Creator never shied away from sharing what he thought his life was missing. “I ain’t got no fucking money,” he yelled simply enough on the inimitable “Radicals,” an early Odd Future anthem.The track, as with many on IGOR, ends sharply with a synth never resolving its buzz. 



The frontman of Odd Future has revealed an upcoming tour in support of his recently released LP, Igor. He’s bringing along some friends for the ride in Jaden Smith, GoldLink, and Blood Orange. ” “Don’t go into this expecting a rap album. ” Don’t go into this expecting any album,” it reads. 

It sold just under 165,000 units in the first week, according to Billboard, netting it the second largest opening of 2019. 


The best thing about Tyler is that his smallest movements and words are hilarious, even when he’s not trying to be. In “Earfquake,” Ross is a talk show host who introduces Tyler (his name is bleeped out when he speaks) to the quiet audience of a (presumably) late-night show. After an awkward and equally hilarious back-and-forth where Tyler simply responds “yes” when asked what exactly he does, he breaks into an intentionally awkward, microphone-swinging performance of the song from his new album on a silver stage.

What initially starts as an adorable, straight-forward performance eventually morphs into something crazier. When Tyler adds a piano to his performance halfway through, it erupts into a fire and Tyler gets some of his face burned off. Stepping in to clean up the rapidly growing fire is a nameless fireman that is, surprise, Tyler. Instead of tending to the flames, however, he decides to serenade the camera before walking off. The fire still roars behind him.


Tyler, the Creator‘s new album, Igor, is finally out. That’s one part of the news. The second, equally important part, is that when you listen to it, you have to listen to it in a very particular manner. “No skips. Front to back. No distractions either,” he wrote in a special note on Twitter on the eve of the LP dropping. So take that into consideration today when you’re basking in the fifth studio album comprised of songs that he produced, wrote, and arranged himself (also revealed in the same note). Follow the instructions.



It debuted at number two on the US Billboard 200, and was nominated for Best Rap Album at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards. His next album, Igor, was released in 2019 and debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200, becoming Tyler’s first US number-one album. In 2011, Okonma started the clothing company Golf Wang. In 2012, he began hosting an annual music festival named the Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival. 







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