Page Six reports that Selena Gomez held a dry party at her California home last week to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

Just one day after Swift surprised 60,000 fans at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California by bringing out Shawn Mendes, the 28-year-old “Delicate” singer shocked the crowd when she announced she’d be sharing the stage with another very special guest: Selena Gomez.


We hear Gomez is still getting help from wellness facility Privé-Swiss in Connecticut, where she underwent a program that included therapy and fitness classes.
She’s previously said she entered treatment for depression and anxiety.

Gomez and Samberg sat down with reporters, including HelloGiggles, at a recent roundtable and footage presentation and previewed the spooks and scares and fun ahead in Hotel Transylvania 3. Plus, Gomez teased her upcoming album, which Samberg apparently submitted some super sick beats for? (Yes, really!) We need to hear those, like, yesterday. And in the meantime, here’s a bit about what to expect from Hotel Transylvania 3. Plus, Gomez and Samberg’s vacation stories, and more.

Nineties-style hoop earrings have received a colorful update, thanks to jewelry designer Alison Lou, who recently launched her Loucite collection. In just a few short weeks, stylish celebs from Selena Gomez to Gabrielle Union, Blake Lively, Tracee Ellis Ross, and more have been spotted wearing the designer’s playful jelly hoop earrings.

Twenty-four hours after surprising Swifties with Shawn Mendes on night one of her Rose Bowl run, Swift brought out Selena Gomez and Troye Sivan on Saturday night (May 19). Swift and Gomez shared the stage for the “Delicate” singer’s favorite Sel song, “Hands to Myself,” while Sivan performed a rendition of his latest hit “My, My, My” with Taylor’s help.

Page Six reports that Selena Gomez held a dry party at her California home last week to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

“Alcohol was not at the party.”
That’s what a dry party means.
“Selena is really focusing on her health.”
They mention that Selena did a two week stint in a luxury rehab facility, Prive-Swiss in Connecticut, back in February.

While it’s true Gomez was spotted seemingly celebrating Cinco de Mayo with margaritas, her issues over the years have not had to do with alcohol. Even when Gomez took a break from the spotlight in 2016, People stressed that her mental health struggles and lupus complications were “absolutely not related to alcohol or substance abuse.” But even so, Page Six actually just reported this week that Gomez is “staying away from booze” and is “really focusing on her health.”


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