A recent clip that discovered that the emerging rapper Lil Tjay was arrested and pushed into a police car, all while the fans around him get well and get angry. Despite the apparent authenticity of the clip, which became even more effective by some who became difficult with the trash talk, some quickly detected a hoax. Well, it’s not a hoax per se, but part of an upcoming video.


As reported by XXL, the Bronx rapper can be seen getting pushed into a cop car with fans yelling around him. “Ay yo, get off him, dicksucker,” yells one man on the scene. While the video looks pretty legit, supporters of the rapper think he staged the scene for a music video. “This shit fake as fuck,” wrote one fan. Another suggested that he’s probably just shooting something.
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Bronx Rapper Lil Tjay and Young Ace Got Arrested . A video showing Bronx Rapper Lil Tjay and Young Ace getting arrested just surfaced online, although reasons behind the arrest is unknown yet but it can be