Halsey | This phrase is generating scandal Wearing Shirt That Says ‘F–k Your Straight Pride’

and having a hit in the lists of the most heard songs in the world with 222,264,811 views on YouTube , put Halsey in the spotlight of popularity these days.



Reading the article published by billboard: the star continued, calling out those who want “straight pride” parades around the country for their ignorance. “When people around the world ask the question, ‘Why is not there a straight pride parade?'” She said. “The answer is because if there was one, you would not have to get on the bus and be terrified of getting fucking beaten or killed … every fucking day on public transport is a straight pride parade.”


To understand Halsey’s anger and protest a bit, huffpost.com gives a description of the facts: Police are investigating a May 30 incident in which 28-year-old Melania Geymonat, a flight attendant from Uruguay, was on a date with a woman named Chris. According to a Facebook post from Geymonat, at least four evils began harassing them while they were on a bus to Camden Town.  “They started behaving like hooligans, demanding that we kissed so they could enjoy watching, calling us ‘lesbians’ and describing sexual positions,” she wrote.


Halsey wears T-shirt of assaulted lesbian couple at London gig













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