Fallin’ was written for the second series of her Seven series The Secret Daughter.
It had its live premiere on Nine’s The Voice, the only prime time vehicle left in Australia for pop artists to strut their musical stuff.
Katy Perry, Niall Horan and Noah Cyrus have booked berths of The Voice’s grand final show this weekend to promote their latest singles.
Mauboy said the idea to coax her boyfriend to co-star with her in the Fallin’ clip was sparked by his reaction when she played it to him last month.
“He was really taken by it, it was quite romantic to be honest,” she says.
“After putting all my emotions into it and creating that recording, it was nice to let it go. I wasn’t Billie (her character The Secret Daughter) or Jessica Mauboy then, I was just Jess playing him a song.


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