Dr. Mario World is scheduled for July 10th. In addition to showing off gameplay, Nintendo explained how Dr. Mario World’s monetization will work.

Nintendo is announcing its debut for Android and iOS, one of the most commented releases on the web.



In addition to confirming a release date, Nintendo also explained how Dr. Mario World will play — and how the mobile game will be monetized — in a new video. Dr. Mario World’s basic rules follow the previous games’ classic color-matching mechanics: destroy viruses by lining up similarly colored medicine capsules. 


As one would expect, the goal is to eliminate viruses by aligning them with similarly-colored capsules. The different stages present new challenges, and players have a limited number of capsules. The part that costs money are optional “diamonds” that players can cash in for items, restore stamina or purchase new doctors with special skills instead of waiting for stamina to recover over time or to earn them in gameplay with coins.



A new trailer posted today gives the first real look at the game, which appears to be pretty different from other versions of Dr. Mario. Instead of managing capsules as they fall down the screen Tetris-style, Dr. Mario World sees you drag them directly onto the pre-arranged play field.


The video also reveals how the game’s microtransactions work.You can use diamonds to continue gameplay, get items and restore stamina. A pack of 20 costs $2, and they’re available in various increments up to 1,050 for $70.


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