Death Bed – Powfu Featuring beabadoobee

More recently, ‘Coffee’ gained a second wind, after being sampled on Powfu's "deathbed". The nightly hit became hugely popular after going viral on TikTok earlier this year, earning more than 4 billion views in March alone.


Death Bed earned Faber a record deal with Columbia Records and, as of June 13, awarded him a number 1 song on Billboard’s hot rock and alternative song list.
Powfu it is the artistic name of Isaiah Faber, a 21-year-old musician from Mission, B.C., who found the beat on Soundcloud, added his raps, and ended with a Generation Z anthem.

Powfu “death bed” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Hailing from Canada, Powfu recently signed with Columbia Records and re-released his track “death bed,” which samples UK singer ​beabadoobee. On today’s epis…

“death bed (coffee for your head)”, about a dying young man saying goodbye to his girlfriend.
“death bed”, included in Powfu’s newest EP poems from the past, is based on a beat he found on SoundCloud showing the 2017 song “Coffee” by British artist beabadoobee.
He didn’t know who Beabadoobee was when he first heard the beat and liked the beat.

Beabadoobee – Coffee

Beabadoobee – Coffee Listen on Spotify – Directed by Thomas Davies

“In the show, she’s talking about sleeping and making coffee for your head and stuff,” he continues. “And I really didn’t feel, like, talking about sleeping actually … I wanted to give it a deeper meaning, so the idea came to me that I was going to die and I’m writing on my deathbed. I wrote the whole song probably in an hour or so.

“Death Bed (Coffee for Your Head)” shows the 2017 song “Coffee” tells the story of a man who confesses his love while on his deathbed.
Faber describes “Death Bed” as low-fidelity hip-hop, that is, the rhythms that are not polished and that often come from unknown producers on YouTube or Soundcloud.

“I didn’t expect any of this to happen”: Beabadoobee talks being viral, her rise to fame, and debut album, Fake It Flowers

If you’ve ever been on TikTok or just perused through playlists, then you’ve probably heard of Beabadoobee . The Filipino-British singer-songwriter first came to the scene in late 2017, when she released , home to acts like ‘Coffee’, and a cover of ‘The Moon Song’ by Karen O.

Powfu’s “death bed” Has People Confessing Their Love / Ones To Watch

Powfu’s “death bed” Has People Confessing Their Love In 2017, an artist named beabadoobee released a sweet, acoustic ballad called “Coffee.” Fast forward two years, a producer under the name Otterpop sampled the “Coffee” hook into a beat. When young Canadian artist, Powfu, sang and rapped over the beat, then released it last February, it blew up.

Death Bed – Powfu Featuring beabadoobee

Dont stay awake for too long
Dont go to bed
I’ll make a cup of coffee for your head
I’ll get you up and going out of bed

Yeah, I don’t wanna fall asleep
I don’t wanna pass away
I’ve bee thinking of our future
‘Cause I’ll never see those days

I don’t know why this has happened
But I probably deserve it
I tried to do my best
But you know that I’m not perfect

I’ve been praying for forgiveness
You’ve been praying for my health
When I leave this earth
Hoping you’ll find someone else

‘Cause yeah we still young
There’s so much we haven’t done
Getting married
Start a family
Watch your husband with his son

I wish it could be me
But I won’t make it off this bed
Hope I go to heaven so I see you once again

My life was kind of short
But I got so many blessings
Happy you were mine
It sucks that its all ending

Dont stay awake for too long
Dont go to bed
I’ll make a cup of coffee for your head
I’ll get you up and going out of bed

Dont stay awake for too long
Dont go to bed
I’ll make a cup of coffee for your head
I’ll get you up and going out of bed

I’m happy that you here with me
I’m sorry if I tear up
When me and you were younger
You would always make me cheer up

Taking goofy videos
And walking through the park
You would jump into my arms
Every time you heard a bark

Cuddle in your sheets
Sing me sound asleep
And sneak out through your kitchen at exactly 1:03

Sundays went to church
On Mondays watched a movie
Soon you’ll be alone
Sorry that you have to lose me

Death Bed (Coffee for Your Head)

” Death Bed (Coffee for Your Head)”, originally titled ” Death Bed” (stylized in all lowercase), is a song by Canadian musician Powfu, featuring Filipino-British singer-songwriter Beabadoobee. The song was initially uploaded to SoundCloud and YouTube in 2019; following Powfu signing to Columbia Records, the song was released on streaming services on February 8, 2020.