Bodak Yellow (Money Moves) – Cardi B | Is Cardi B the next Nicki Minaj?


Cardi was also nominated for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist at the BET Awards, as was Nicki, but in a wild twist, it was Remy Ma who took the prize! You can bet she took the opportunity to fire shots at Nicki, and you can catch up on that drama here.

“Just because I used to be a stripper does not mean that I’m not fucking talented my nigga. I sit down, I write my shit and I take my time in the studio, and everything I rap about is real life shit. I don’t lie about the shit that I have or the shit that I did. I always been like that. Y’all niggas always bashing women down, fuck out of here.”

The track, inspired by the flow of rapper “Kodak Black” with a heavy-hitting Cardi B twist, is a celebratory nearly four-minute ode to making money and taking names. “If you want to feel like shitting on bitches [or] shitting on anybody, you’re going to want to put that record on,” she told OUT. “You’re going to feel like you’re making money moves.”


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